A new Inspire Series 343 organ for Clay Church in South Bend, IN!

Congratulations to Clay Church – A United Methodist Community in South Bend, Indiana on their new Inspire Series 343 organ!

The organ dedication concert took place at Clay Church on August 4, 2019, where Organist John L. Edwards played brilliantly, showing off the various genre of the new Inspire 343 organ (including Baroque Registrations with period tuning) and music from all periods. He included selections with many of the orchestral voices and included the “Invention in C Minor” by Billy Joel, played on the harpsichord and celesta.

Mr. Edwards is the organist at First Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where they host four pipe organs of various sizes. His organ instructors have included James Curtis Chambers, Dr. Wilma Jensen, and Dr. Antone Godding. He has participated in masterclasses with Marilyn Mason, Clyde Holloway and Russel P. Saunders. 

The Inspire 343

The Inspire 343 Organ is a 4-division organ with a total of 233 stops spread over 43 illuminated stop tabs. The Organ features four organ styles (American Eclectic, English Cathedral, French Romantic, German Baroque), but unlike other brands, the organist is not limited to stops from only one style at a time - ALL are available instantly.  In addition, the 343 includes a 43-stop Variant Library plus 18 additional Orchestral Voices. Installed by premium Global Organ Group dealer, Triune Music, Inc., the organ features ten (10) discrete audio channels playing from a custom audio setup at the front and rear of the sanctuary to providing true "surround sound" in the worship space.

The console is equipped with three velocity-sensitive manuals and a 32-note, velocity-sensitive pedalboard. The installation at Clay Church includes ten (10) discrete audio channels playing from custom speaker systems at the front and rear of the sanctuary to providing true "surround sound" in the worship space. The sub-woofers are used in this installation can also be found on the pipe organs at Valparaiso University, Chicago's Orchestral Hall, and at Disney Hall in Los Angeles. 

The Inspire 343's digital audio mixer allows the organist to move the divisions around the room for even greater tonal variety. The Inspire 343 is a state-of-the-art church and concert organ with unmatched flexibility.

Rodgers kindly thanks Rev. Brian Durand, Lead Pastor, Doug Fecher, Executive Director, and Jacob Kisor, Director Music Director for Clay Church for their confidence in the Rodgers.