A new Infinity 484 organ at the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour, Greenville, SC!

Rodgers congratulates the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour in Greenville, South Carolina on their new Infinity Series 484 organ which was enthusiastically welcomed earlier this month.

The premium 4-manual 84 stop Infinity Series organ is the pinnacle of the Rodgers line and is equipped with state-of-the-art pipe organ samples based on the American Aeolian-Skinner sound. It features unmatched flexibility with 443 total voices, built-in Bluetooth® technology for AirTurn™ hands-free page-turning controlled by thumb or toe pistons for music displayed on a mobile device, a premium adjustable bench, a 4-way adjustable music desk, and is pipe compatible for total flexibility and any future expansions.

Organist Marlon Scott of the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour in Greenville, South Carolina, excitingly proclaims, “the sound of this magnificent instrument is incredible with the excellent acoustics our worship space offers. The congregation has accepted the new Infinity 484 with spontaneous applause and many wows!”

Rodgers would like to kindly thank the congregation at the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour for their confidence and R.A. Daffer Church Organs Inc. for their continued excellence in the field.