Special pricing extended through October for the Rodgers Inspire Series!


Rodgers is now offering special pricing and promotional packages for the Inspire Series. The Inspire Classic Edition (new model), 227, 233, and 343 models are all now available for a limited time special promotion. The Rodgers Inspire Series offers promotional expandable audio packages for an unmatched experience. All Rodgers organs feature exquisite pipe and orchestral voices, user-friendly features, and a masterfully built state-of-the-art console.

Special pricing starting at $14,995* on select Inspire Series models.

To support organists spending time practicing at home and churches which are slowly re-opening, Rodgers has developed more accessibly priced home and church organ models. These developments include a new Inspire model, the Inspire Classic Edition, and a multitude of unmatched pricing packages for all Inspire models.


The Rodgers Inspire I organs, a line of internal audio (I) models from the Inspire Series, offer an incredible value. All Inspire models include a state-of-the-art internal 2.1 audio system. The Inspire I organs special limited-time prices begin at $16,995* (Inspire 227) and are designed and built to meet the demands of organists worldwide.

Limited-time special price available for the Inspire 227 I.

Have questions? Contact your local Rodgers dealer for complete details.


Introducing the Rodgers Inspire E organs, a line of external audio (E) organ models for the Inspire Series. With special limited-time pricing beginning at $21,995* (Inspire 227), the Inspire E models deliver outstanding value by combining Rodgers' world-class audio with state-of-the-art Inspire organs. Each Inspire E organ set features an organ paired with a high-quality external balanced audio system at a special price.

The Inspire 227 E is equipped with 2 FR1 Speakers, 2 SW6 Subwoofers, and a premium amplifier. 

Limited-time special price for the Inspire 227 E (external audio)


Have questions? Contact your local Rodgers dealer for complete details.

* Offer available until 10/31/20. Contact your local Rodgers Dealer for complete details on promotional offers. Applicable to U.S. customers only.