New Artist Series 599 for St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church.

St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church is pristinely located in Irving, TX. The church is a new construction building and their dedication service was this past month. 


The organist/Choirmaster's name is Jiyun Yoo. The church primarily put the responsibility of finding a new instrument for the new building on her. Jiyun searched the other brands diligently and decided that the Rodgers 599 organ was musically the best fit for their diverse music program. 

The Artist Series 599 organ features 3 keyboard manuals with lighted drawknob controls, 10 configurable toe pistons, and 20 internal memory banks. Built-in Hymn Player offers 350 frequently played hymn tunes at the touch of a key, and USB storage allows you to save all organ settings as well as an unlimited number of recorded performances. 


Rodgers speakers are designed to deliver the emotional power, delicate nuances and lively spatial presence of a magnificent pipe organ. Their wide dispersion capacity and consistent frequency response make them uniquely suited to accurately reproduce pipe organ sound without coloration or distortion.

One of the most common remarks when someone hears a Rodgers organ for the first time, is “I can’t tell the difference between the digital sounds and pipes!” Rodgers audio systems make the speakers disappear, so all you notice is the music. 

We would like to warmly thank Church Organ Solutions, Jiyun Yoo, and St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church for their confidence in our brand.