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Meet the new Inspire Series 233: Praeludium - Felix Mendelssohn

We are proud to present this new Rodgers Inspire Series 233 video. Please enjoy the talented organist Garrett F. Martin while he plays 'Praeludium' by Felix Mendelssohn on the Rodgers Inspire Series 233 at the pristine Old Laurelhurst Church, Portland Oregon, USA at the pristine Old Laurelhurst Church in Portland, Oregon, USA.

The Inspire Series 227 home organ and the Inspire Series 233 church organ are the two centerpieces of the Inspire Series.

Designed and built in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA, in the rich tradition of American pipe organs, they boast the highest level of craftsmanship, meticulous detailing and an authentic, unmistakably American pipe organ sound.

The Inspire Series is the result of ongoing research and innovation and enriches this uniquely American tradition with a high-quality family of organs.

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