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Old Hundredth Psalm Tune - Ralph Vaughan Williams (Imagine 351M Organ Music Video)

We proudly present this Rodgers Imagine 351M organ music video. Please enjoy "Old Hundredth Psalm Tune" composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams and performed by organist Dan Miller at Salem First Presbyterian Church in Oregon. Though the instrument can interface with pipes (like the ones shown here), the audio from this video is taken directly from the 351M console. 

Honor the great history of American pipe organs with classic moving drawknobs. The versatile Imagine Series 351 is now available with the moving stops and tabs. This option is perfect for the organist desiring a classic pipe organ touch. Captivate audiences with magnificent true-to-life pipe organ samples spread across 4 unique styles: American Eclectic, English Cathedral, French Romantic, and German Baroque. With 51 main stops, 147 Voice PaletteTM stops, the Imagine 351M allows the organist to discover new possibilities.