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A CHRISTMAS PRESENT for players of Rodgers Inspire and Imagine Series organs!

At Rodgers Instruments, we have been working hard on developing a new, revolutionary feature for organists who enjoy going "outside the box" of the traditional organ. The new feature is available for all Rodgers Inspire and Imagine Series organs, and can be downloaded for free!

The new, ground-breaking feature, which we call Enhanced Orchestral Couplers, opens up an array of new possibilities. It allows the organist to play a four-note chord on one manual, with each voice assigned to a different orchestral instrument! If you enjoy creativity, improvisation, and experimentation, you'll definitely love our new forward-thinking "gift".

See and hear this unique musical innovation in action in the video! We encourage you to record videos using this feature. Please share them with us on the Rodgers’ FaceBook page:


Getting this new feature:

Instructions on how to install and use the new feature can be found by clicking the following link.

Users Guide: Enhanced Orchestral Couplers


The firmware for this new feature can be downloaded by clicking the following links. Please make sure to download the file for your organ model.

New Firmware: Imagine 351T / 351D

New Firmware: Inspire 343

New Firmware: Inspire 233

New Firmware: Inspire 227

New Firmware: Inspire Classic Edition


To return the organ software to its previous state:

Previous Firmware: Imagine 351T / 351D

Previous Firmware: Inspire 343

Previous Firmware: Inspire 233

Previous Firmware: Inspire 227

Previous Firmware: Inspire Classic Edition