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What exactly is the difference between organs available today? One crucial part of the Rodgers difference is the advanced technology behind our sound quality, musical flexibility, built-in functions and value. In this video, members of the Rodgers team explain the unique SSC design that powers every Rodgers organ, with benefits ranging from more realistic sound to higher energy efficiency. You'll also see why choosing an organ with Rodgers' technological advantages is a big cost saver. We conclude with a mini-concert so you can you hear the Rodgers difference for yourself.


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  • First Presbyterian Church of Prattville, AL (est. 1846) has a long history of musical excellence in both worship and concert settings within their community. After moving into their new sanctuary, the congregation began the search for a new digital instrument to replace the much loved pipe organ that had served them well for many years. The church thoroughly evaluated several builders and chose a new Rodgers 4-manual Infinity organ with 20 audio channels and custom pipe facade from regional Rodgers representatives Tadlock & Associates.