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A New Inspire Series 233 Organ for a New Worship Building in Las Vegas, NV!

Robert Tall and Associates came to Pastor Unke with a proposal about the new Rodgers Inspire series that was not yet released. Bob thought it might be the perfect organ for the new, smaller worship building...

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A Newly Installed Rodgers Infinity Series 484 Hybrid Organ with Original Rodgers Pipes!

A Rodgers Infinity Series 484 Hybrid organ interfaced with original Rodgers built pipes was recently presented at a memorable Organ Concert and Organist’s Workshop by Rodgers Artist & Tonal Director Dan Miller, at the wonderful Velda Rose United Methodist Church in Mesa, Arizona.

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A Successful 'Inspire' Dealer Meeting held at the Rodgers Headquarters in Hillsboro, OR!

Rodgers Instruments US LLC thanks all of the Rodgers dealers who attended our recent 2018 ‘Inspire’ Dealer Meeting, held at the Rodgers headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon. Rodgers, an all-encompassing global leader...

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