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  • This 1960s Cathedral has been completely remodeled and transformed into a magnificent modern worship space. Planning for the future, it was decided to add a new Infinity Rodgers 484 to go along with the 10 ranks of Ruffatti pipes purchased nearly 20 years ago.
    The exciting new 484 from Rodgers includes the reliable Syndyne drawknobs and the amazing new UHT wooden keyboards. These keyboards are touch-sensitive for the onboard MIDI sounds such as piano.  The keyboards can also be set to have an effect on the speech of the digital pipe organ samples based upon the speed of keystrokes and releases.
    The blending of Rodgers digital sounds and wind-blown pipes provides the very best results in the organ industry. Rodgers has been the premier choice for hybrid organs from the beginning, and continues to outperform with its elegant and advanced Pipe Integration Manager system.