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Plato is quoted as saying, "The beginning is the most important part of the work." The truth in those words shines through in a conversation captured on video when Fred Tinker, one of the founders of Rodgers Instruments Corporation, toured the factory and spoke about the company's origins with President Duane Kuhn.
Mr. Tinker and his business partner, Rodgers Jenkins, were engineers who paired up to create the world's first all-transitor classical organ. We're pleased to share an edited version of this historical interview, or click here for the full-length version on Rodgers' YouTube Channel.


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  • Faith Lutheran Church in Akron, Ohio was packed with parishioners and visitors on Sunday, November 9 for the dedication recital of the church's Rodgers Infinity 484 hybrid installation. The recital was performed by Felix Hell, who showcased the installation's impressive flexibility with extraordinary skill and virtuosity.
    The church's Director of Music is Bob Mollard, President of Mollard Batons, who visited Rodgers' factory in Hillsboro, Oregon during the organ selection process. He became convinced that the Rodgers Infinity 484 Platinum Edition was the perfect choice to interface with Faith Lutheran's original Schantz organ, dating from the 1960s.