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Plato is quoted as saying, "The beginning is the most important part of the work." The truth in those words shines through in a conversation captured on video when Fred Tinker, one of the founders of Rodgers Instruments Corporation, toured the factory and spoke about the company's origins with President Duane Kuhn.
Mr. Tinker and his business partner, Rodgers Jenkins, were engineers who paired up to create the world's first all-transitor classical organ. We're pleased to share an edited version of this historical interview, or click here for the full-length version on Rodgers' YouTube Channel.


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  • Close to 300 people came out on a wintery night for an unforgettable “homecoming” for a much-loved Rodgers organ that for decades was a fixture at the renowned Glorieta Conference Center.

    The organ’s new home is Criswell College in Dallas, which welcomed its new instrument with a concert featuring many artists, including Grammy-winning vocalist Cynthia Clawson. She sang several numbers, among them one her husband wrote while at Glorieta in the 1970s.

    Other special guests were Jason and Rodney Rodgers from Church Organ Gallery, who oversaw the Criswell installation, and Bill Erhke, who originally installed the Rodgers Oxford Model 925 at Glorieta and was responsible for voicing it for its new location in the college's Ruth Chapel.

    Leaders of the college were delighted to be able to offer their thanks in person to Hal Hill, who traveled from New Mexico and was on hand to represent Glorieta at the dedication on Jan. 22.