Monthly Music & Tips: "Improvisation on Holy, Holy, Holy" by Dan Miller

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The gift of music from us to you. Please enjoy "Improvisation on Holy, Holy, Holy", by Dan Miller

Holy, Holy, Holy is a hymn well-known and loved among many denominations. It appears in practically every hymnal. The text was written in the early 1800s by Reginald Heber (1783-1826), an Anglican bishop. It was first published after the author’s death. The hymn is intended for Trinity Sunday, but is sung year-round. 

The tune for this hymn, Nicaea, was first published with the text in 1861. Written by John Bacchus Dykes, the tune name is a tribute to the First Council of Nicaea, held by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in 325, which formalized the doctrine of the Trinity.
This improvisation may be played as an organ solo or may be adapted for congregational singing.

The mp3 audio file that accompanies this monthly music download is a performance of this improvisation played on the new Rodgers Imagine 351.

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