A Rodgers Infinity 484 Organ is Celebrated at a Stunning Church In Birmingham, AL!

A Rodgers Infinity Series 484 4-Manual organ is celebrated at the stunning Asbury United Methodist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, by Rodgers Artist, Dan Miller. Dan demonstrated the organs flexibility and versatility to an excited crowd of over 300 attendees during the concert and played a variety of music requested directly from the congregation. The day before, the workshop given was titled “Sound Choices for the Organist” and featured the new organ's warm sounds, which included the 84 stops and over 440 total voices, as well as playing tips for the organist. Free organ music was also distributed to workshop participants.

Mr. Tommy Watts, Director of Music & Organist at Government Street Presbyterian Church in Mobile, AL was a guest in attendance for the full weekend and kindly shared:“Growing up in the south, the Bible belt, and in the household of a Baptist minister; coupled with my own career as a church staff member in the ministry of music, you learn a lot about ministry and people and the things that matter to those sitting in the pews, not to mention the choir loft. When I give you my assessment, it is accurate and heartfelt, and I hope that I can convey in words the emotion and blessing I received by being a part of it.

The organ is one of the finest installations I’ve been privileged to hear and play. This is a showpiece for Rodgers and Tadlock Organ (the certified Rodgers dealer foir the area). A lady in choir on Sunday even passed me a note asking 'where are the pipes?'. A gorgeous room with an equally beautiful instrument."


Mr. Watts continues, "The workshop was set on Saturday morning, 10-12, and was attended by all of the Asbury [Church's] members. All of these people have at one time played the organ, and most teach or currently play the piano. A folder made up of Dan’s workbook on the 484 [Infinity Series] and three of his compositions were provided.

The Worship on Sunday consisted of two church services: 8:30 and 11 a.m., about 250 and 600 in attendance, respectively. I was a guest tenor in the 70-member choir, and it was nice to be on the other side of the console for once.

The concert was held at 4 pm on Sunday and hosted about 300 attendees. Of course, music is the vehicle to emotion for a great many people – the organ and its grand abilities and sound, the great hymns of our Christian faith…but none of it means anything without the system of faith that brings us to worship collectively. I can tell you that this is a grateful bunch of people…it wasn’t just the music, it was our attention to the details and our presence among them. You see, we were one of them! They made it that way. They understood we were there to help them and to enhance the worship experience. I had no idea what I was walking into, never have stepped foot in the church, never met a soul prior to Thursday…but I left with a hug and a guarantee that I have seat in 'our' choir if I’m ever back. Dan received the same such compliment.

At the workshop, we were able to encourage two of the ladies, to get on the bench and play a hymn – and they loved it! They felt at ease, were not intimidated, and enjoyed it very much. On Sunday as I was leaving a mother, grandmother, and their 8-year old son approached me asking to see the organ, and I brought him up and had him sit on the bench. I told him briefly of my story, starting organ lessons at 8 years old. He takes piano lessons, going on 1 ½ years now. I pulled a stop and he said 'I’ll play 5 notes' and he did and was thrilled. "

"Dan’s sensitivity to the congregation by playing their requested favorites for the concert was outstanding. I observed smiles and tears all throughout the evening…these people were blessed! The organ, the music, the player, the presence – The genuine desire to see worship at its finest and the very best of all things that come from it: that is why Rodgers goal is to enhance the spiritual experience."

The Organ was beautifully installed by Tadlock Organ, the Rodgers certified dealer for the area, and features a massive 36 cabinet audio system providing a magnificent sound to the 1,400 seat worship space from on Asbury United Methodist Church, you can visit them on their 'About US' page here