An Impressive new project features a custom Infinity organ and an Inspire organ!

The impressive new project at the Church of the Resurrection in Lutherville, Maryland, will feature a new church building and worship space with two new beautiful Rodgers organs, chosen to support the music ministry.

The first of two consoles to be installed is the Infinity 484 custom-designed with solid wood manuals (ebony naturals and oak sharps) and traditional moving drawknobs featuring turned solid wood drawknob stems made from Pau Ferro wood. The custom four-manual organ features 84 main stops, 59 orchestral voices, 121 additional pipe organ library voices, and four unique voice palettes.

The custom Infinity 484 console is installed in the balcony of the sanctuary. When the building project is complete, a three-manual Inspire 343 will be installed in the front of the nave. The unique thing about this installation is the dual console arrangement – there will be a three-manual Inspire 343 on the floor that can be used to control the pistons on the Infinity 484 in the balcony. The Inspire 343 also serves as a complete antiphonal organ for the Infinity 484.

Rodgers would like to thank the Church of the Resurrection and Stephen Holmes who serves as the Director of Music for the church as well as the Director of the prestigious Maryland State Boychoir. 

R.A. Daffer Church Organs is responsible for this installation and has a long history of organ expertise and magnificent installations.