Mike Flanagan's Passion for Creative Arts Comes Alive with a New Infinity Series Organ!

Rodgers kindly thanks Mike Flanagan for his generosity and devotion to the art of Organ Music. Please enjoy the story below from Kings College in Auckland, New Zealand's newspaper called the Kings Courier.

For Mike Flanagan (Peart, 1951–55), an Old Collegian and a supporter of the College for many years, the opportunity to donate [a Rodgers Infinity Series 361 Organ] to the upcoming Performing Arts Centre was a reflection of the passion he feels for the arts and the value he places on students having a creative outlet.

As a previous ‘top of art’ student, Mike views this new venture by the College as a way for King’s to stay at the forefront of the education. For Mike, who had less exposure to the arts than King’s students do now, the chance to grow these disciplines is a perfect way he can give back to the College.“When I was at King’s, it was quite different. The only creative art we had was Glee Club and Big House!” Mike recalls that back in the 1950s, there was a tendency for blokes to see art as a period to muck around and have fun.” Though busy in his senior school years as captain of the boxing team, Mike found a creative outlet away from the ring, involving himself in the designing of the Glee Club set, alongside current Foundation Board member Peter Wilson, who was the Set Manager. 

“Peter would make the set and then I would go over each set piece and add the finer details,” Mike recalls. “Our involvement was all thanks to the Music Director at that time, Lyn Saunders, who encouraged us to pursue the creative arts.” In order for students to build a successful career, Mike believes they need to harness creativity in an appealing way. “My hope is for the Performing Arts Centre to become a haven for students to create and learn - and to develop the skills needed in life after King’s.” Mike is also passionate about the organ and has donated a Rodgers Infinity Series 361 organ which will be housed in the Great Hall where full school Chapel services are now held each week. Furthermore, Mike has also donated his mother Maisie Flanagan’s Everard Grand Piano to the Music department.

The Infinity Series 361 organ features 3 keyboard manuals with lighted or optional mechanical drawknobs. Rodgers’ unique high-resolution sampling process employs up to 8 microphones to record the authentic sound from legendary pipe organs across the country as well as around the world. The Infinity 361 also features built-in Bluetooth® technology for AirTurn™ hands-free page turning controlled by thumb or toe pistons for music displayed on a mobile device.

A special thanks to our certified dealer for New Zealand, Ralph Cullen of Keyboard Music Systems Limited for his continued excellence a professionalism in representing Rodger organs.