RODGERS CONGRATULATES Memorial Presbyterian Church

Pictured are: (left to right) Julie Borr is on the left, Janice Haan is on the right, and Joan Wittmeier is seated.

RODGERS CONGRATULATES Memorial Presbyterian Church, Pollock, SD, and Peggy Bartunek of Rodgers Classic Organs with their new Inspire Series 227 organ! We are delighted to share their testimonial:

     "We knew that we needed a new organ and after receiving a  gift, we started looking. After viewing a Rodgers organ in Faulkton, SD we got the information for Peggy Bartunek.  We formed an organ committee and had a video call with Peggy where we learned all of the Rodgers features.

     With much excitement and awe over the provision of God for our church, we purchased a Rodgers Inspire 227 organ.  We couldn't wait for it to arrive.  It was a most exciting day for our congregation, and especially for me, the organist. We played it and were amazed by the quality of the organ and the wide range of sound. However, the most exciting part was that Peggy came for a  teaching session with us.  By the time she left, we felt that we knew so much more about the organ.  We felt so personally taken care of by her.  She is still available to us by phone when we have questions on settings or want to learn new features, or even for a review of previously taught features.

     This organ has not only been a blessing to me, but to our entire church family and the radio broadcast audience as well. We pray that we will be able to continue to glorify God with beautiful music from our Rodgers Inspire 227."

Joan Wittmeier, organist