#neverwalkalone2020 - A Challenge to Organists Worldwide to Stand in Solidarity Against COVID-19

On Friday, March 20, at 8.45 AM the song 'You’ll Never Walk Alone' was heard on radio stations all over Europe. To give hope to everyone that is in some way affected by the coronavirus.

The Global Organ Group, parent company of Rodgers Instruments, Makin, Johannus, and Copeman Hart supports this initiative, and would like to challenge organists worldwide to contribute!

We challenge you to shoot a video of your own interpretation on the theme 'You’ll Never Walk Alone', and to nominate at least three other organists to do the same. You can upload your video to Facebook with #neverwalkalone2020 and tag the organists you nominate.

To start off, the Global Organ Group CEO Marco van de Weerd challenged three organists that are connected to the Global Organ Group brands. Dan Miller (Organist) on a Rodgers organ, André van Vliet on a Johannus organ, and Ian Tracey on a Makin organ. But of course, everybody is welcome to join!

Please enjoy the beautiful music that will follow and take a moment to sympathize with everyone that is fighting to overcome the coronavirus.

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