What is the Global Organ Group?

When it comes producing quality digital sound, Global Organ Group is the largest player in the organ world. Our love of pipe organs is the heart of our mission to make these magnificent instruments accessible to a broader audience. Whether a church wants to update their organ with a hybrid that utilizes their existing pipes, or an aspiring musician wishes to learn the beauty of the instrument with a compact model in their own home, the members Global Organ Group are united with the passion to provide the quality and innovation needed to keep the organ world thriving.

Global Organ Group consists of four brands: Copeman Hart, Makin, Johannus, and Rodgers. Each company is known the world over for their craftsmanship and knowledge. While every member shares the highest standards of technology and sound, each brings a unique style and approach to creating digital organs. Because of our versatility, we meet the needs of organists from all over the world, no matter what tradition they play most.

Copeman Hart at St. Mary's Parish Church in Handsworth, Birmingham, England

Copeman Hart and Makin specialize in the English tradition, though both approach the sound with their own character. Copeman Hart was established in 1960 under founder Ernest Hart and joined Global Organ Group in 2011. Their organs are known for their detailed customization and are often described as comparable to an exclusive car. They bring the highest quality materials to every piece of the organ, from the motorized drawstops to the rocker tabs to the cabinetry, all crafted in the English style.

Makin at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Woodstock, Virginia, United States

Makin was founded in 1970 by John Compton, who experimented with synthetic organ sounds as far back as the 1920s. From there, the company developed a first-rate analog system in the 1970s, which was replaced by Bradford digital system in the 1990s before they moved into the digital sampling technique they employ today. They formed the beginnings of Global Organ Group with Johannus in 1998 as a strong representative of the English sound. This excellent reputation is bolstered by their longstanding customer relationships and their care for the installations of their organs.

Johannus in Cherrybrook, New South Wales, Australia

Johannus is the undisputed leader in continental Europe, where centuries of heritage continue to inspire their sound. Established by Hans Versteegt in 1968, Johannus has long been driven to digitally reflect the experience of church organs as closely as possible. Since 1987, the van de Weerd family has led the company, and their enthusiasm for constant innovation gives shape to the entire breadth of the Johannus organ range. Their Ede location in the Netherlands also serves as headquarters for Global Organ Group.

Rodgers at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Salisbury, North Carolina, United States

Rodgers brought the American tradition to Global Organ Group in 2016. Thanks to our focus on quality and beauty, Rodgers has consistently maintained status as a premium brand both at home and abroad. Our organs capture the rich sound of the American organ soundscape through tireless research and development, bringing the best of what American pipe organs have to offer to anyone anywhere in the world.

By working together, Global Organ Group brings a rich variety in the translation of traditional organ sounds to the digital realm. Each member offers the organist a completely unique playing experience. Through tireless effort, we push the envelope of what an organ can be, all the while cherishing the centuries of tradition that draws people to love and appreciate the magnificent sounds of the pipes. We look forward to continuing to create music for years to come.

For more information on Global Organ Group and all its members, please visit globalorganroup.com