Installation Spotlight: Colonial Imagine 351

A stunningly beautiful Rodgers Imagine 351 pipe hybrid with a custom-designed console in the colonial style was recently installed in the greater Kansas City, Kansas, area. We congratulate the Colonial Church United Church of Christ in Prairie Village for their selection of this organ, and we congratulate our Rodgers representative Gerald Oehring and Associates for their expert installation.

The Colonial Church U.C.C in Prairie Village had a pipe organ built over 30 years ago by Martin Ott.  As the musical needs of the church became more eclectic, this Organ Reform instrument, while still beautiful, did not reflect the music currently in use.

There was no room to add additional pipes, so the decision was made to expand the instrument digitally. Rodgers’ high quality digital pipe stops are a perfect complement to the marvelous instrument and to the musical heritage of the church.

Here is the stoplist of the organ. Italicized stops are Martin Ott pipe stops.

Violone 16' Bourdon Doux 16' Principal 8' Contra Bourdon 32'
Principal 8' Viola 8' Holzgedackt 8' Principal 16'
Chimney Flute 8' Bourdon 8' Erzähler Céleste II 8' Subbass 16'
Gemshorn 8' Flute Céleste II 8' Octave 4' Violone 16'
Octave 4' Viola Céleste 8' Koppelflute 4' Octave 8'
Spitzflute 4' Octave 4' Klein Octave 2' Bass Flute 8'
Quint 2-2/3' Flute Traverse 4' Larigot 1-1/3' Choral Bass 4'
Super Octave 2' Nazard 2-2/3' Mixture IV Mixture IV
Cornet V Octavin 2' Corno di Bassetto 16' Contra Bombarde 32'
Fourniture IV Tierce 1-3/5' Clarinet 8' Bombarde 16'
Trumpet 8' Plein Jeu IV Festival Trumpet 8' Trumpet 8'
Chimes Double Trumpet 16'   Clarion 4'
Zimbelstern Trumpet 8'    
  Oboe 8'    
  Clarion 4'    

Additionally, this organ has 147 Voice Palette organ stops, an Organ Library of 88 stops, and an Orchestral Library of 37 voices, all instantly available to the organist.