Mark Tozer Upgrades his Small Church's Music Program

Mark Tozer’s story is not unlike many others at this time. As restrictions remain for gatherings across the U.S. it can be difficult for churches to retain attendees remotely. Those with smaller assemblies are especially hurting without necessary technology to meet virtually. However, Mark decided to try and uplift both him and his church with the purchase of a Rodgers Inspire Classic Edition. The Inspire Classic Edition is designed to bring moving music and amazing versatility to small churches as well as individuals.  We are pleased to hear of the positive effect the organ has already brought Grace Bible Church of Costa Mesa, CA.

Here is the testimonial he shared with us:


Dear Rodgers Instruments,

I am writing this note in regard to the Inspire Classic Edition organ that was recently installed in my home. I wanted to tell you directly that I absolutely LOVE this organ and am totally pleased with the service which my local dealer, Nelson Dodge of the Church Keyboard Center, gave me throughout the process of acquiring this organ. Mr. Dodge is absolutely passionate about organs, totally enjoys his career, is an excellent salesman, and goes the extra mile compared to his local competition, including voicing the organ to sound like an actual American church pipe organ. The Inspire Classic Edition is like having four different kind of organs in one, along with a fifth palette of stops of chimes and other orchestral voices. I have had my organ for almost four weeks, and I still have yet to scratch the surface of everything this organ has to offer.

This organ has not only been a blessing to me, but my church as well. My church, Grace Bible Church of Costa Mesa, California, has only 6 regular attendees (including the minister as well as myself). Before the pandemic, we would meet in a local funeral home, and depending on which room we met in, I would either bring my little Yamaha portable keyboard, or play the funeral home chapel’s electronic organ. Since the pandemic hit, we have been forced to meet over the phone due to a variety of circumstances. Before I got my organ, I would put the phone next to our Yamaha acoustic piano and play the hymns for the service. My Inspire Classic Edition organ was installed just in time for Grace Bible Church's Resurrection Sunday service this April, and our small congregation loved it! They said it sounded like they were in a cathedral, especially when I used the chimes stop. Our pastor is especially pleased with my organ, as a high-quality music program is something which our church has lacked over the decades.

Sincerely yours,

Mark A. Tozer Organist/Pianist/Keyboardist

Grace Bible Church of Costa Mesa, California