Product Spotlight: Rodgers Anniversary Organs

The 65th year is a special occasion for anyone. In most people’s lives, it marks an important period of reflection and transition. Here at Rodgers, we’re honoring our slogan of “Tradition – Innovation – Excellence” with this series of 65 Stories Celebrating 65 Years which explores our history, innovative progress, and visionary future with the highest standards of excellence.


As part of Rodgers’ sapphire celebration, this year will bring many exciting opportunities, from fun events to new products to cultivating partnerships. The highlight to celebrate this year is our custom Anniversary Edition organs, specially created just for the occasion. 


This exclusive three or four manual console brings all the features of our Infinity series to the forefront, plus the best of the best of what Rodgers has to offer in one package. Each cabinet is crafted with two-tone coloration, in any combination from our range of wood stains.




Our wood-core reverse keyboards offer the best feel for anyone’s musical style along with a beloved classic look.








As a final touch, each rank shines with our engraved wood-stem drawknobs (if we’re to be honest, a company favorite!). Each Anniversary Edition Infinity also comes with Rodgers’ premium audio system to ensure the best sound for whatever space waits to be filled.  









As a special bonus, we’re excited to also offer select editions of our Anniversary organ that come with amazing opportunities along with the console itself. It has been our pleasure to work with Felix Hell to offer a special inauguration for our Concert Edition consoles. Felix is a renowned concert organist who has performed all over the world in more than a thousand concerts. For those who choose the Concert Edition, Felix will travel to the organ installation to give a once-in-a-lifetime dedication for it, bringing the love of music and the skill of a respected artist into the instrument from its first note. It is an experience that will be remembered for years to come.



What’s more, Rodgers is also offering Signature Edition consoles designed by the organist who will play it! The organist can look forward to a trip out to beautiful Oregon for a tour of the Rodgers world headquarters. They will take a private tour of the factory to see how each Rodgers organ is brought to life, and work one-on-one with Dan Miller, our artist-in-residence, to create a custom stoplist for their unique instrument. Under his guidance, they will have access to our entire sound library to design a tonal specification that matches their taste and style perfectly. To make it even more personalized, each time the organist turns on their Signature Edition organ, the start-up screen will display their own signature — a masterpiece signed by an artist. 



With all this on offer, our 65th anniversary is a special time for us and an important landmark in our proud history. However, our reflections on that history hasn’t slowed us down at all. If anything, we’re fired up with inspiration, and only just getting started. 


Contact your Rodgers representative for more information.