Rodgers Organ Seminar at the Beijing International Organ and Electronic Organ Festival!

Rodgers Instruments is proud to provide the wonderful people of China with the opportunity to appreciate the King of All Instruments, the marvelous and awe-inspiring Organ. Rodgers has a rich history of successful installations and seminars in China and its surrounding areas. This year, Rodgers Artist and Tonal Director, Dan Miller traveled from Portland, Oregon to Beijing, China to represent Rodgers Instruments at the 2017 Beijing International Organ and Electronic Organ Festival with a seminar and demonstration of their custom Infinity Series 484 hybrid organ.

Dan began his trip by attending the Beijing International Organ and Electronic Organ Festival, which was held September 4-8 at the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China. Often referred to as the Julliard of China, the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, is one of the most prestigious and well-known music institutions in the country. The festival featured seminars, master classes, and concerts by notable organists and professors from around the world. Many sessions took place in the concert room of their teaching building which features the Rodgers Infinity Series 484 hybrid organ. 

Dan Miller taught a seminar on “Digital Organ – Revolutionary Development and Practice” which was well-received by 50 attendees. In addition to the Rodgers Instruments PowerPoint presentation, he played some entertaining and informative demonstrations on the Infinity Series 484 to illustrate the versatility and variety of sounds and music styles, functions and features of the Rodgers Infinity Series 484. We appreciate the support of the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music for the opportunity to represent and promote Rodgers Instruments in the international festival.

From Beijing, Dan flew to Shanghai where he visited three Rodgers installations in prestigious churches (the Mu'en Church (Moore Memorial Church Shanghai), the Holy Trinity Church at China Christian Council, and the Community Church (Shanghai Community Fellowship)) and did some training for the enthusiastic organists. Rodgers technician Cody Zhou received on-site training from Mr. Miller.

Dan Miller is grateful to Parsons Music, Rodgers dealer and the largest music retailer in China, for hosting his visit and providing translators. Dan visited one of many of their stores in Beijing and Shanghai, each which highlighted a Rodgers organ in their beautiful floor displays.

Parsons Music Corporation vows to continue to hold out their mission of “Popularizing music culture and nurturing music talents”. In addition to further expanding their business, they provide state-of-the-art musical instruments, educational programs and a full array of reliable services for all music lovers. “We are committed to cultivate an interest in playing music for the community and look forward to the upcoming years as a further opportunity to help people of all walks of life experience the joy of music!”