A Rodgers hybrid organ unites a new or existing pipe organ with a Rodgers digital organ in a brilliant partnership enjoyed by thousands of churches worldwide. The marriage of acoustic winded pipes with state-of-the-art digital sound transforms aging or limited pipe organs into instruments of great beauty and flexibility.

Uniting Tradition and Innovation

Uniting Tradition and Innovation Rodgers Hybrid Organs

Hybrid organs offer a far greater selection and diversity of sound than most acoustic-only instruments, with enormous savings in the cost of purchase and maintenance. With a Rodgers console and Rodgers Pipe Integration Manager (PIM) system, new pipes can be added, or existing pipes can be preserved or enhanced while perfectly matching the ranks using Rodgers’ digital tonal finishing and auto-tuning technologies.

As a result, Rodgers digital organ sounds are virtually indistinguishable from the sounds coming from winded pipes. An ideal solution for churches with an aging or limited pipe instrument, but also for churches looking to get the most out of their organ.

Our goal is to provide a more affordable option, rooted in tradition & innovation that allows for the highest quality and authentic sound.

Bring Your Pipe Organ back to Life

The cost of acquiring and supporting a full wind-blown pipe organ can be overwhelming. By providing a wide range of consoles from which to choose, Rodgers can meet your specific budget requirements, big or small.

Our goal is to provide a more affordable option, rooted in tradition & innovation that allows your church to support its aging pipe organ with the highest quality and authentic sound. By combining craftmanship and technology, you can preserve the investment made in your existing instrument, with advantages in cost, physical space requirements, maintenance, features, musical versatility, and creativity.

A Rodgers hybrid organ can provide a cost-effective solution for older existing pipe organs with a failing console or when an all-pipe instrument is not practical. The end result is an enhanced worshiping and listening experience for all.

Bring Your Pipe Organ back to Life

Rodgers’ unmatched dedication to the art of blending winded pipes with digital voices is the reason for Rodgers’ global preeminence of hybrid installations.


Tonal Excellence

The success of thousands of Rodgers hybrid organ installations lies in the tonal excellence of the digitally sampled voices. This has been Rodgers’ specialty for decades and is what makes Rodgers the world’s leader in this distinguished field.

Up to 8 microphones are used to capture the most detailed and nuanced pipe sounds possible. Unmatched tonal flexibility is provided by Rodgers’ patented Voice Palette™ system. Then Pipe Dimensional Imaging™ recreates tone placement from the height, width and depth of the pipe chest - masterfully completing the authentic pipe organ sound experience.



Rodgers consoles are designed to meet the standards of the American Guild of Organists with a 32-note pedal board and 61-note keyboards. Adding a Rodgers console to an existing pipe organ will not only offer additional stops to the original specification, the overall versatility of the instrument will also be expanded with the Rodgers Voice Palette™ system (multiple alternative sounds on each stop control), and the Rodgers Stop Library (an additional library with a large number of organ and orchestral voices). To provide the utmost versatility, these voices may be mixed and matched to suit the musician’s artistic desires!

There is a practical application here as well. Should a pipe stop become out of tune with the rest of the organ, that one stop can be substituted with a digital alternative until the tuners arrive. Likewise, should any pipe become silent because of dirt or mechanical failure, a perfectly matched digital note can be substituted.

A Rodgers hybrid organ console also comes standard with a built-in headphone rehearsal system for quiet practice, a complete combination action, Next and Previous controls, an easy-to-use record and playback system, and USB storage for registration data and recorded performances. Each console comes equipped with Bluetooth® technology for wireless page forward/back of digital sheet music. Velocity-sensitive keyboards permit expressive playing of onboard orchestral and external MIDI voices, which can open up a complete range of new and exciting sounds.

The Pipe Integration Manager is designed to be compact and lightweight, and it can be mounted either flat or horizontally with easy access to inputs.

The Rodgers Pipe Integration Manager

Rodgers uses the same reliable technology in the Pipe Integration Manager as in its flagship Infinity Series organs, resulting in a powerful, responsive performance.

The Rodgers

The Rodgers Pipe Integration Manager (PIM) is a simple yet sophisticated tool that allows for a seamless connection of a Rodgers console to the pipe drivers which in turn control your pipes.

The PIM is field programmable, easily interfacing to any amount of pipework and versatile enough to make changes as needed or desired. After creating or modifying the configuration file, which is usually done via a computer file, it can be loaded into the organ via USB drive and the changes take effect instantly. Stops can be configured as expressed or unexpressed, and all stops can be tonally finished note by note on site.

This advanced system automatically keeps the digital voices in tune with the pipework as the temperature in the room rises and falls.


Rodgers hybrid organs possess a remarkable ability to seamlessly blend digital voices to pipes. This rich tonal quality is achieved through a comprehensive suite of modeling technologies which account for slight fluctuations in tuning, volume, speech articulation, demand for wind (or wind supply), acoustics of the room, the sonic effect of expression shades, the layout of existing pipework, and the ever-changing environmental conditions in which they reside.

This advanced system automatically keeps the digital voices in tune with the pipework as the temperature in the room rises and falls.

Rodgers Instruments has been building the highest-quality home and church organs since its inception in 1958. Their quality is based on decades of expertise and proven artisanship, an endless focus on detail, and an unwavering dedication to bringing the authentic American pipe organ sound in our organs to life.


With faith, hard work, and dedication Rodgers has led the way in innovative digital and hybrid pipe organ technology. Highlights include successfully building the world’s first pipe- electronic hybrid organ and becoming the first digital organ company to build its own pipes and pipe chests.


Rodgers built the awe-inspiring pipe organ for Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas which is the world’s 17th largest pipe organ with 194 ranks and over 10,000 pipes.

Rodgers preserves the true American Eclectic pipe organ sound

Rodgers preserves the true American Eclectic pipe organ sound

For over a decade, Rodgers built and crafted its own pipes, and with careful study of countless records and data, Rodgers was able to further and more deeply understand the real pipe organ sound like no other digital organ company. Although Rodgers does not still build its own pipes, the valuable knowledge and experience attained from that era has never left the company.

During that time, Rodgers also purchased the engineering records, drawings, and files of the Aeolian-Skinner Pipe Organ Company, Boston, to further preserve the true American Eclectic pipe organ sound, leading the digital organ industry with thousands of exceptional installations.

The Organ at St. John the Evangelist

The Organ at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

The Organ at St. Timothy Catholic Church

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